Would the third coming of Lee Sawyer see the end of Anthony Grant?

Last updated : 18 January 2011 By exiledessexboy
Grant: Late equaliser for Southend

Anthony Grant: Has been linked with Championship clubs for a while now

The latest update on young Sawyer is that through his improved displays with Woking a number of League Two clubs were interested with Aldershot ready to move in with a firm offer, however Lee has decided that the Shrimpers are his first love and wants to join.

Looks positive, but is Blues boss Paul Sturrock interested as wages have been released with Anthony Grant going?

This is a story that has been running for months now, and there's no doubt that Snoop Dog, along with Bilel Mohsni and Barry Corr, have been shining lights in a less than consistent Southend side, now to be joined by Ryan Hall we believe.

Bristol City and Reading were chief Championship suspects, with Watford it seems having been invited to the party, and would newly-appointed Crystal Palace boss Dougie Freedman see Granty fighting away in midfield as a help in his teams fight against relegation?

However, I've always seen the second tier as a step too high for the former Chelsea youth, where he got another nickname of the Judge, and I wouldn't be surprised if a League One club bidding for promotion, hopefully with real money, like a Southampton, were to come in with a bid.

He's still on contract into next season, he signed a two and a half year extention in October 2009 to take him to the end of the 2011/12 season, and we would get some money, how much we would have to see, but please if he is to go, not an 'undisclosed' amount, let's know what we've lost one of our best players for.

We've joked about Crawley Town before, who knows, at least they could cough up some serious dosh!

Luggy insisted a couple of weeks ago that there had been no interest in Grant, but we've all heard that sort of thing before a player got his coat, and as one of the loyal 'summer 4' who didn't join the exodus, unlike Francis Laurent, and look where that got him, Northampton, he's well appreciated by the long suffering Shrimpers support.

Another question; if he does stay, could Anthony play in the same starting eleven with Lee?

Personally, I don't see any problems, it would bring up the Sawyer playing in the central midfield crap that pissed the boy off before and saw him winding Tilly up enough to get rid of him, that and a few beers, but on song he's one of the most hard-working creative talents I've seen in a Blue shirt, I'm sure he would accept the right wide place discarded by Josh Simpson if asked.

Let's be honest, a midfield of Sawyer, Grant, Eason and Hall would be a fiarly serious one in the fourth tier.

We are only half-way through the January transfer window so this could run a while longer, yet rumours are increasing of Granty's immediate demise as a Shrimper as his twitter page, http://twitter.com/Judge7Grant, is full of meetings come and gone, and coy answers to even good mates such as Matt Paterson, who would probably love to get a loan deal elsewhere however the Grant saga ends up.

Get some sleep, tomorrow's another day!

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