Ron Martin: 'Sainsbury's will not seek to remove us from Roots Hall'

Last updated : 22 January 2011 By westfield shrimper

Ron Martin - has decided to

Ron Martin:
'I am underwriting the monies forwarded by them, not the club'

The old schemer has been at it again, sneaking on to BBC local radio just as the game against Bury is about to start and take the chance of spreading the gospel according to Ron once again.

This time it's all his dosh and we won't be turning into Sainsbury's United any time soon with Roots Hall becoming one big mega market.

Wearing an orange shirt just wouldn't suit me.

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Martin told BBC Essex: "Sainsbury's have no involvement in the running of the club and will not seek to remove us from Roots Hall early. I am underwriting the monies forwarded by them, not the club. We have not pre-sold any of our assets to Sainsbury's, any funds they have advanced have been secured by me, so I underwrite all the money."

As most have accepted now, the reality of the situation is that Ron is not going to walk away while any of his dosh is tied up in the various deals to do with Fossett's Farm so we'd better get used to statements like this being wheeled out every now and then, how ever many times we've heard it.

The Shrimpers supremo also insisted all was well with Her Majesty's taxmen.

Martin concluded: "We pay HMRC on the 19th of every month as part of new Football League regulations and all the players and staff are being paid on time"

Oh well, that's all right then.

This follows on from the news from Chief Executive Tara Brady that we are losing 100k a month:

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