Shrimpers supremo refunds 50% of abandoned Aldershot match ticket!

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Uncle Ron digs deep!

We've had enough goes about the Shrimpers chairman Ron Martin in the past, but credit where it's due, after the disgraceful way Aldershot Town acted in not offering to refund the tickets of all supporters who had a wasted journey to the garrison town on Boxing Day when the game was abandoned at half-time due to floodlight failure, my bill passed £50 for just one person, he's sent a cheque out to those who bought a ticket in advance worth 50% of the value.

Bad luck to those who paid cash at the turnstiles but a welcome gesture all the same, and to those that say I shouldn't have written this article before the cheque clears, shame on you!

The letter in full:

'As many as you know income received from the sale of tickets relating to League games is always retained by the home club. Whilst it is certainly not for me to judge the policy of Aldershot Town I do believe the circumstances surrounding the Boxing Day match are a special case. Had the situation arose at Southend United we would have immediately refunded the ticket monies to all that attended. Several hundred  Southend supporters gave up their precious time on Boxing Day only to be able to watch 45 minutes due to floodlight failure.

As I say Southend United recieve no money from away games and the Football League is not in a position to influence how Aldershot Town conduct their affairs. Aldershot Town are however proposing that tickets for the replay will be available at half price for those who attended the Boxing Day game.

I met many supporters on the return journey who were equally disappointed as I (perhaps not least as it was a match we were well placed to win). The game will now be replayed on a Tuesday night (hopefully 90 minutes!) sometime in the coming weeks......a date will be fixed shortly and advertised on the Club's website.

Southend United have fantastic fans and I am sorry if your Boxing Day was ruined as a consequence of the bizarre events that unfolded. Our records indicate that you purchased 1 Adult ticket, at a cost of £17 and as some compensation I attach a cheque representing 50% of your ticket cost incurred in recognition of your loyal support.

Whilst writing you will have read that we have strengthened the squad over the last few days and are targeting further signings in order to maintain momentum and, hopefully, come May promotion to League 1.

My kind regards and wishing you a good New Year.

Yours sincerely

Ron Martin


Now £8.50 helps pay Saturday's bar bill before the game for me but the fans that took entire families, some arriving late to horrendus traffic conditions, as well as some horrible credit card bills arriving on the doorstep, this is most welcome and S24 gives a warm thanks to Mr. Martin.

Hang your heads in embarrassment Aldershot board! 

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