Crewe Alexandra

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Tough one this now it's midweek, you can get up there cheap enough, though you may have to spend some drinking time in the town, but getting back will add to the cost; however, as the cheapest return is £63.60 if you work in town you may want a word to see if you can hike a lift back on a car or a supporters club coach, stay overnight, get a few of you together to get that return cost down, or, er, leave early!

For the cheapest singles up go to:

You could check if Virgin have released some decent fares, and you want that 22.01, at:

Or, as suggested, go to if there's between 3 to 9 of you can get a further THIRD off that return fare.

Any railcards, of course, will bring the cost down further.

Outward (The £63.60 return, as you would expect, will get you any service you wish!)

All these outward fares are on London Midland trains only, Virgin services are quicker but a lot more expensive, not a problem if you've bought that return.

London Euston 13.46 - Crewe 16.38 - £8
London Euston 14.46 - Crewe 17.39 - £11.50
London Euston 15.46 - Crewe 19.05 - £15.00


Not much choice here; unless you miss the last 20, cough up, spend 6 hours sleeping on a platform at Wolverhampton, and you really don't want to do that!

Crewe 21.24 - London Euston 23.56 - £11.50
Crewe 22.01 - London Euston 01.14 - inward leg of £63.50 return
Crewe 22.20 - London Euston 08.42 - £32.50!!! (Get a room!)

All of this is rather annoying as Crewe is uaually an excellent trip to go by train as the station, pubs, chip shops and stadium all within a stone's throw of each other.

As you come out of the Railway Station turn left and Gresty Road is down the road on your left. You will see the lights!

Station: Top right, the blue blob; Stadium: Top left, the arrow!