Sturrock stands alone: 'Confident by end of January we'll have players who will benefit the squad'

Last updated : 15 January 2011 By westfield shrimper
Sturrock: New Shrimpers boss

Sturrock: 'I'm putting the search for an assistant on the back burner'

Poor old Luggy, if thing's weren't tough enough, to make sure he gets the players in he needs to make sure we start going in the right direction up the league; the Blues boss Paul Sturrock will have to stand alone!

Former No.2 Tommy Widdrington was sacked in December, any money that may have been spent on a replacement will go on improving a squad that the word inconsistent could have been invented for.

Regarding the search for a new assistant Sturrock told BBC Essex: "I'm putting that on the back burner. I'm very much on the front foot in bringing players here. The team needs to be spiced up and there's areas that have to be strengthened."

That's the trouble, we're broke, everybody knows we're broke, I'm surprised Crawley Town haven't been back for Corr and Grant after nicking Josh Simpson from under our noses.

Still, Luggy continues to look on the bright side, and you have to admire him for that.

He continued: "I'm very confident that by the end of January we'll have three or four players who will benefit the squad. Maybe I'll have moved on three or four players to enable us to have a tight squad. And hopefully, and this is my new year's resolution, we'll have a healthier club and the rest will take care of itself."

And so say all of us.

As for the player the Shrimpers boss told us could be in place for the trip to South Yorkshire; he asked for time to consider the move.

Now some people are just too damned picky.