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Port Vale, al la Tranmere, doesn't actually exist!

The name Port Vale exists on maps pre-dating the 1876 formation of the club, and is a reference to a valley of ports on the Trent and Mersey Canal, associated with the city's pottery industry.

They are based in Burslem, Staffordshire, one of six towns that make up the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

So thanks to Wikipedia for your day's geography lesson, and to pass on that there are two stations you can aim for, the nearest being Longport, but the most popular one for getting to Vale Park is Stoke-on-Trent and then a bus or cab.

Virgin have certainly tightened up on the cheap fares and getting back will be a problem, there is a mixed transport option but first if you just want the train to take the strain.

Once again I'll push the merits of booking on www.eastcoast.co.uk/special-offers/3plus/ if there's between 3 and 9 of you where you can get a third of the fare, and if you're happy to pay £57.70 return, which as you can imagine will allow you on any service with any company, then you're probably need that number and that discount.

For a cheaper option, and you have to go to www.londonmidland.com for these:

Outward (London Midland Trains Only)

London Euston 09.46 - Stoke-on-Trent 12.13 - £11.50
London Euston 10.46 - Stoke-on-Trent 13.13 - £8.00
London Euston 11.46 - Stoke-on-Trent 14.13 - £8.00 (Pushing your luck here!)

However, getting back to London on all 12 minutes past the hour Virgin trains back will cost £49.50! (You will not make the 17.12, shame, an attractive £11.00.)

So, any alternative? Well, here's one that will total up to £24.50.

Get the 10.46 £8 up, then stay on www.londonmidland.com and book a couple of these:


Stoke-on-Trent 18.08 - Birmingham New Street 18.58 - £9.00
Stoke-on-Trent 18.44 - Birmingham New Street 19.33 - £9.00
Stoke-on-Trent 19.07 - Birmingham New Street 19.58 - £9.00


Birmingham New Street 21.10 - London Euston 22.55 - £7.50
Birmingham New Street 21.30 - London Euston 23.33 - £7.50

Yes, this would mean up to two hours in Birmingham, however ALL services from Stoke ar £9 so you could stay longer in Burslem, good drinking, or Stoke, a couple of good pubs by the station.

If the £8 has gone going up you can do the same route but pick up a £6 London to Birmingham, and then a £14.20 day return Birmingham to Stoke, same station remember but make sure you give yourself enough time to change platform, and this would total up to £29.20.

One other idea is a mixed transport one with National Express doing a Stoke-London run which at the moment is £10.50, so if you grab the £8 train up that would be £18.50.

You need to go to our Shrimpers by Coach section for more info on that offer, or go straight to www.nationalexpress.com.

If you just want to go to Longport add the name to the search engine but the £8 up will go, HOWEVER, and it is walkable from station to stadium saving on bus or cab fare, the £14.20 return will cover that stop from Birmingham New Street.

If you get to Stoke and can't be assed to get alternative transport it's only a 4 minute journey leaving at 27 minutes past the hour to Longport and 34 minutes back. £2.30 day return, £2 single.

After all that you might just get the supporters club coaches! (And we haven't even added the time and cost from Southend, good luck!)

Stations to Stadium

Longport station is the closest to the ground, but is a good 30 minute walk away and is not well served by trains as Stoke On Trent station is. Therefore most fans end up at Stoke On Trent railway station, which is over four miles away and take a taxi, (about £8), up to the ground.

Directions & Bus information from Stoke station:

Come out of the main station doors at Stoke-on-Trent. Turn left past a bus stop and the taxi rank. Walk to the end of this road, which only takes a couple of minutes. Then on your left is a railway bridge, but cross over the road and turn right. Up towards a bus stop opposite Signal Radio.

Get the number 21, First is the bus company. Pay up to Burslem. Get off the bus outside a modern building called Ceramica, just after a big crossroads. If you sit on the door side of the bus, then you can see 'Ceramica' and 'Port Vale F.C.' road signs. And on the drivers side is 'Burslem Methodist Church'. These are signs to stand up to get off.

Once off the bus outside Ceramica. Cross over the road and turn left. Then an immediate right at Jenkins Street. This road leads into Hamil Road, which is then a 5 minute straight walk to Vale Park.

Directions & information for Longport station:

Services run hourly from Crewe, Stoke & Derby to Longport. You should be able to walk to the ground in around 25 minutes without too much trouble.

Cross over the line (if travelling from Stoke/Derby) and walk along Station Street. At the mini-roundabout follow the main road round to the left going up the hill. After a couple of minutes take the first major left onto Newcastle Street (B5051).

Enter Burslem. Pass the Bull's Head pub at St. John's Square. Bear left onto Market Place. Shortly after cross main road onto Jenkins Street which becomes Hamil Road. The ground will soon be visible on the left. Turn left into Lorne Street.

(Many thanks to
www.footballgroundguide.com for their very helpful stadium directions.)

Stoke-on-Trent Station: Top, blue blob. Taxi, outside station; Buses, see directions above.

Longport Station: Bottom left, blue blob. Get on Newcastle Street and then follow directions above, around a 25 minute walk depending how fit you are!

Vale Park Stadium: Top right, between Bycars Lane and Hamil Road.