Bluebelles bring warmth to TB & Son, Hughes brings contempt!

Last updated : 24 November 2008 By Thurrock Blue

Oldham at home and the return of Kevin Maher - I wasn't one of his biggest fans when he was with us but thought it would be interesting to see how he got on and what sort of reception he got. After all he was our Captain during our most successful ever period and (somehow I'm not sure how) managed to win Player of the Year in our Championship season.

It also saw a return to Roots Hall for Lee Hughes who in my opinion shouldn't be allowed to play Football ever again. There will be people that say he has served his time and should be allowed to get on with his life - for being a coward - for running away from the scene of an accident, an accident which was caused by him having drunk 6 whiskies before driving - Nah this man shouldn't be able to pick up whatever ridiculous salary he gets for playing Football - he should be forced to get into real work and know what it's like to struggle on minimum wage - it's something Douglas Graham who was 34 when he was killed will never do so why should his killer.

Anyway it was freezing on Saturday, and it was if the players were also freezing as to start with it seemed as if they were just going through their paces. James Walker must have still be defrosting his feet when after an excellent cross by new signing Robert Milsom, Kevin Betsy headed the ball back across goal into the path of Walker who somehow managed to head over from 2 yards out.

I was actually in the toilet when we scored our goal which was disallowed for offside thanks to my son Charlie - so didn't know much about it about from hearing the cheers and then the groans from inside the toilet. He then spend the whole time up to half time asking when the Bluebells would be on, and I felt sorry for them dancing out in the middle - they must have been freezing but as always they brought some warmth to the boy and me so we're all winners.

It was in the second half when we looked to have turned the corner, Simon Francis whipped in a cross reminiscant of something he'd have pulled off last season and it was volleyed home by the Cardiac Kid Walker.

From that point on we seemed to stop as if we'd already had the three points sewn up and it was only an amazing save from Fed that prevented Hughes, (sorry TB original word edited, can't afford the legal bills!), from scoring. Oldham had a succession of corners and we showed as we have so often this season we can't defend them when Taylor seemed unmarked to head home their equaliser on 67 mins.

It was 4 minutes later and from another set play, Hughes volleyed home from a silly angle to give them the lead - and to be fair from that point on we didn't even create a chance to equalise.

Macca had a shot which was just wide at the end but by then the damage was done.

Federici 7: Had nothing to do for the first hour - not sure if he saw the Hughes goal until late.
Francis 8: More like last season - great cross for the goal.
Clarke 7: Kept Byfield quiet, Fed made sure he got away with his slip up.
Barrett 6: One of his worse performances this season - thought Hughes, (stop it TB!), gave him some massive problems
Harding 6: Not brilliant but then again was anyone? Some nice link up place with Milsom
Betsy 5: Not as good as he has been in my opinion
McCormack 7: Better, much better than of late infact. Won the dual with Maher and looked more like his old self.
Christophe 7.5: Same dependable hard craft from our very own Viera
Milsom 6: Did well but I wont be happy until we get Sawyer back
Walker 7: Thought he took his goal well although could/should have had more
Revell 7: Decent enough performance solid in the air

Subs: Ademeno 6: We'd given up by the time he came on.
Grant 6: Same as Charlie.